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Health Care Careers Brochure for 5th Grade Students
Client: Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
Throughout the school year, a team of Sturdy clinicians from a variety of departments as well as a public relations representative, attends area elementary schools to teach fifth graders about medical professions and various health issues. These visits make up Sturdy’s Healthy Choices program. One of my annual goals in 2010 was to create a cohesive print material geared for these students that summarizes medical professions and offers direction and guidance for pursing careers in these fields, starting at an early age. These brochures are still distributed at Healthy Choices visits.

Health Sense Monthly Flyer and Calendar Ad 
Client: Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
Health Sense flyers are distributed monthly to area libraries, Councils On Aging, senior living facilities, day care centers and churches to be displayed in public areas. Health Sense ads are printed monthly in The Sun Chronicle and Foxboro Reporter. The flyers and ads promote hospital services and upcoming programs. I updated the materials from their original versions (flyer/ad).

Hospitalist Services Poster
Client: Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
This poster, displayed in waiting rooms throughout the hospital, is intended to educate patients and families about the hospitalist program at Sturdy. Knowing that a hospitalist takes over care while the patient is in the hospital, and that the hospitalist communicates with the patient’s primary care physician, helps make patients more comfortable during their hospital stay.

Inclement Weather Cancellation Line Card
Client: Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
These wallet-sized cards are provided to all support group members and cardiac rehab patients. In the event of bad weather, members and patients can call the number provided on these cards to learn whether their meetings or appointments are on the cancellation list.

Standards of Conduct Booklet
Client: Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
The Standards of Conduct brochure is an integrity and behavior guide for all 1,500+ employees. I modernized the design of the document, and worked with the organization’s Risk Manager to edit content.

New Nurse Practitioner Flyer
Client: The Foxboro Center for Women’s & Family Health – Foxboro, Mass.
This flyer was distributed to community day care centers, libraries and physician practices to introduce a new nurse practitioner and help garner patients.

Golf Tournament Program 
Client: Sturdy Memorial Foundation – Attleboro, Mass.
The Sturdy Memorial Foundation holds an annual golf tournament to benefit Sturdy Memorial Hospital. The tournament program, which lists and honors sponsors and prize donors, is provided to the 200+ players who participate in the tournament every year.

International Travel Health Poster
Client: Occupational Health Service (OHS) at Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
Sturdy’s OHS department offers an International Travel Medicine clinic that prepares people for international travel. This poster, which promotes the clinic and increases awareness of the importance of medical preparation for travel abroad, is displayed in the waiting rooms at each of Sturdy’s 14 affiliated practices.

Occupational Health Service Brochure
Client: Occupational Health Service (OHS) at Sturdy Memorial Hospital – Attleboro, Mass.
A general business-to-business brochure was created and distributed to local business leaders, to promote OHS and invite organizations to use OHS to keep their employees healthy and productive.

New Practice – Open House Invitation
Client: Sturdy Hematology & Oncology Associates – Attleboro, Mass.
Sturdy’s newest affiliated practice opened in 2011. This invitation was sent to 500 households in Sturdy’s service area to introduce the new practice as well as encourage people to attend the open house and meet the practice’s physicians, nurses and staff.

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